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Why do researchers rely on provides researchers direct access to a double opt-in panel of social media users. The broad penetration of social media allows us to connect researchers with the most representative online population found anywhere on the globe. Whether it’s a single project, re-contact study, or online brand tracker, there is no better way to field quantitative or qualitative online research. We deliver respondents across multiple mediums who are targeted based on your criteria, and our enterprise level communication platform allows researchers to connect directly with our members.

If you are a researcher, we can help you:

  • Get answers:  Who are your buyers? What about your non-buyers? Is your product or concept viable?
  • Perform blind and/or branded online market research by leveraging your unique messaging and imagery capabilities.
  • Reduce your margin of error by leveraging our ability to provide a larger sample size of respondents.
  • Convert data into intelligence.

Global reach and deep profiling

Looking for international respondents? What about a hard-to-find target? Our ability to screen, poll, and profile the largest global online audience allows you to reach the exact respondents and individuals you need. Wherever they may live, we help you find the consumer that drives your business forward.


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